Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mazatlan 2018

Rather than kill Facebook with a ridiculous number of photos I thought I'd share some on Facebook and then use my old blog as a spot for the rest.  Enjoy the scroll.  I may try to journal along with these or I may just give up and be overwhelmed at the number.  And confession:  the majority of these photos are from my cell.  I know, right?!  It was just too cumbersome to lug my 'big' camera around and for all intents and purposes (since I'm probably not making posters out of any of these) my phone did just fine capturing what I needed it to. 

Years and years ago my in-laws met Juany at Costa de Oro where they stayed and she worked and formed a friendship with her and her family.  We've been blessed to get to know them better over the years and spend time with them last year and this year.  There are many photos below with Juany and family.  :)

At the airport, ready for vacation!

So excited to have this empty of a plane - we get to spread out!

 Up, up and away.  Minneapolis below us.

 Take two.  After about an hour into the first flight, the pilot (who sounded very much like Bill Clinton) announced we had just one pressurization system and he couldn't fly all the way to Mexico with just one so we needed to return to MSP for a new plane or to have this one repaired.  Three hours later on a new plane with a new crew and headed to Mazatlan.

 Waking up Saturday morning to that view peeking through the curtains!
 Absolutely stunning!
 A beautiful arrangement from our dear friend, Juany, and her family. 
 Exactly where I belong!  These next few are pretty much how this day was spent, by the ocean, fruity cocktail, repeat, walk on the beach and repeat the above!

 First of many beautiful Mazatlan sunsets!

 Experiencing Carnaval with our friends.  First stop Plaza Machado - me, Bob and Claudia
 Me, Bob and Jose
 Trying to wrangle the large group for a photo.  :)
 Bob, Sofia, Juany, Miriam, Claudia, Juan, Eva, Jonny and Jose
 In the girls line...
 And Bob in the boys line...!!

 The people!  They kept coming and coming and coming!

Another beautiful Mazatlan morning!

Bob and Juany on the Malecon before the Carnaval parade

Bob and me


  Little Sofia

 Juany and Valeria
 Eva, Sofia and Valeria

 This is honestly the longest, but also coolest, parade I've ever been to!

Breakfast with most of the family on Monday morning at Panama! Juan, Juany, Sofia, Eva, Valeria, Gladys, Jonny, Miriam, Bob and me

 Juany and her granddaughters  :)

 Bob, Sofia, Gladys and Valeria
 Reminiscing about our younger days in Mazatlan at the Gringo Lingo

The beautiful Pueblo Bonito
 Beach time!

 Spanish Coffee - I don't like coffee but this was phenomenal!!!

 My former co-worker (she retired, lucky her!) and her husband were in Mazatlan, too, so we had dinner and drinks at Pancho's with them. 
 Back at the hotel in the pool bar.
View for breakfast!
 Ready for the beach!
 Lime daiquiri!!!!!!!!
 Poolside lunch - rough life!
 Date night at Angelo's in our hotel. 

Loved this view outside our hotel room door!

Happy Valentine's Day

Juany and family took us to visit and for breakfast in El Quelite. Gorgeous town!  Fabulous breakfast! 

 Valeria - If she covers her face I can't see her right? 
 Caught her!
 And again!
 Rooster roaming, no big deal.

 Gladys, Valeria and Claudia
 Auntie Claudia and Valeria
 Valeria and her daddy.  :)

 Bob, Juany and me
 Bob and me

 Bonita Claudia

 Bob and Juany

 Back at the hotel for more beach time!

 Pulmonia ride - not great for the hair...  ;)

Valentino's/Bora Bora - where all us 90s kids made some fun Spring Break memories (we think anyway)!

Drinks at Gus Gus

Up early to watch the sunrise


 Lunchtime view!

 Plaza Machado's Banana Cream Pie - oh yum!!

 Dinner at the sister hotel - Emerald Bay
 International Night at the buffet

Outdoor breakfast.  Again?!  Sure!

 Heading to Stone Island with Juany and Jose

 Taking the dingy, I mean ferry to Stone Island!

 The Titanik
 The island that the lighthouse is on - what does it look like to you?

 Bob, Jose and Juany

 Blue Agave = Tequila
 Farmers' Market brought to you!
 Found our retirement homes!
 Stone Island

 A hummingbird visited us - Juany said they're good luck!

 The hummingbird again
 Sub-par view...  Kidding!  We spent hours here eating drinking and visiting! 

 Juany talking to Gladys
 Bob and Jose - beer is the universal language!
 Bob and Jose refused to carry either me or Juany on the cooler... 
 The Poseidon

 The dock/shipworkers put this monument of Mary up to ward of hurricanes (it's worked!) and their families will go and pray at the monument before ships leave port.
 The view of the lighthouse
 Stone Island in the distance
 Overlooking Mazatlan
 Jose giving Bob a Mazatlan history lesson.

 Jose, Bob, me and Juany

Me, Jose, Juany and Bob

Sigh....just another Mazatlan sunset
 Bob's going for a sunset swim.

Another wild Pulmonia ride!

 The band at Gus Gus playing Elvis.  Guess who was in heaven??

Late dinner oceanside!

Last day.  :(

 Sofia and Juany

 Mateo, our favorite waiter photobombing.  :)
 Miriam, Sofia, Bob, Juany  and Claudia
 One last Mazatlan sunset from the airport.
 Sucks to be going home.  :(
 Til next time, Mazatlan!