Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 105, Project 365

So....high vulnerability alert!  I decided to step out (waaayyyy out) of my comfort zone and snap a selfie, ahem, self-portrait for today's post in honor of my birthday.  There's a reason I like taking pictures: it's because I'm BEHIND the camera.  It probably took me a dozen shots, I could not nail the focus (still didn't but this was the best and I was getting tired of running back and forth to set the timer) and really, I need a remote release.  Birthday present??  ;)

Anyway, I was tempted edit the heck out of this picture but I decided to keep it au naturale (other than bumping up the exposure a little and cropping a lamp out of the picture).

I can pretty much guarantee you this will be my least favorite post of my 365 but I also thought it was important to a) try and b) put myself out there in a way I am not necessarily comfortable with.

1 comment:

  1. Your are beautiful! No need for editing! But I totally get what your are saying. I've only attempted a selfie once and it was the same thing. Running back and forth to set the timer. I felt so ridiculous and unnatural trying to smile every time. I never had the guts to post it anywhere. They can put it on my funeral board if they find it on the computer when I'm gone ;)