Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 201, Project 365

So, somehow I got off on my days.  Another #365 photographer that follow posted her day 200 and I thought to myself, how could she be at 200 already....then I grabbed a calendar, checked the days and realized, yep, she's right.  I only had to go back to day 173 to correct everything - not too bad.
Tonight I was lucky enough to have my oldest offer to go with me tonight to check out a few locations for a senior shoot I'm going to do in a couple weeks (yep, you read that right, my first.senior.shoot!).  Excited and nervous and grateful this family trusts me enough to ask!  :)

On the way home I stopped at a cornfield that I had noticed the other day.  I loved the rows of corn but of course my eye saw it differently than I made my camera see it.  HOWEVER, what's cool is that stopping my car on the side of a relatively busy road and getting outside to take a picture with no one else with me is definitely outside my comfort zone and I did it and lived to tell!!

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  1. I love this post. For your total honesty.For my excitement at your senior shoot (I have total confidence that you will ROCK it).For getting out of your comfort zone.And for over 200 days of taking a photo every day!