Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Day 357, Project 365

Second of five Christmas celebrations tonight!  So blessed to have the Stoehr family to take me in all those years ago and treat me like their own.  :)

I didn't snap this shot - I did set it up though, that's gotta count for something, right?  This is me with my only Goddaughter.  I'm blessed with numerous Godchildren (that might be a bucket list thing - have a photo taken with all of my Godchildren!!) but only one Goddaughter.

And Skyping with Jimbo in Michigan:

Lastly, feeling a little sentimental...this is the last ornament I ever received from my mom.  I collect ornaments and have quite an extensive collection: ones from my grandma and mom given to me as a child, ones of my grandma's and mom's, ones given to me by my husband and daughters, ones from friends.  I treasure this and enjoy every year looking back and remembering.  Of course, ones given to me long ago or by people that are no longer here hold an extra special place in my heart - this happens to be one of those: