Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 220, Project 365

Challenge accepted, Robin, challenge accepted.

I STRUGGLED with 'street photography' today...really struggled.  I was uncomfortable, felt incredibly obvious and just felt like I wasn't capturing anything - or that there weren't the 'right' subjects for me to capture.  I think what got me rolling was seeing a photographer stop for a photo, I watched what he was doing and found a little click of inspiration.
I was drawn more to pets and kids just because that seemed easier (that is until my oldest said "You can't take pictures of people and post them on the internet.  That's illegal!", it kind of made me feel like a creep!  ;)  )  Anyway, once I really started looking I started finding.

All in all I felt pretty productive today.

This is probably my favorite:

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  1. Yipeee! You picked my favorite!!! I loved it the moment I saw it. And so proud you accepted the challenge. I could never do it... I live vicariously through you :)