Saturday, August 15, 2015

Day 227, Project 365

Another day-long road trip adventure.  This time I went northwest in our great state and my hubby and youngest agreed to accompany me!

We saw lots of things and I took lots of pictures but this is probably my favorite:

But I have to throw in a people picture(s), too, so:

Crossing the headwaters of the Mississippi (does everyone spell/sing that out when that type of write it??) at Lake Itasca.


  1. I wanted to take a sunflower road trip myself. That is just stunning! How can you not look at that be happy! Just makes me smile :) And if someone happens to request to buy a print of it, you should SELL it. And you SHOULD charge for it. You can keep adding to your gear without guilt if you are making some money off your skills, right?

  2. The sunflower scream summer....can we bottle up that warmth for say January?