Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 298, Project 365

I know moving forward with my photography business is the right decision because I'm sitting here grinning ear-to-ear after the day, rather month, I've had.  I kind of feel like I should pinch myself just to be sure this is all real and that parents and seniors and families all have enough trust and faith in me to capture lifetime memories for them.  Finally, I can put my skill for people-pleasing to good, effective use.

While I'm at it, besides my immediate family, you're the first to know:  I will officially become Aimee Anne Photography.  The name is not taken in the state of Minnesota (yeah, I know, that would've been a stretch, right?) so I'm moving forward.  I've got a couple other decisions to make but that is a HUGE step for me!

Today's photos:  I had fun with two fabulous families today.  One, I've known mom since kindergarten and the other I had the good fortune to meet through Bob and his family.  Seriously, the five kids today were the absolutely cutest and the day was gorgeous with some fall color still hanging in there for us!


  1. Yayyyy! I am SO HAPPY for you and PROUD of you! Look how far you've come in less than a year. You worked so hard and put aside your doubts and fears and just did it. And girl, you did it!! Have you listened to that Brene Brown podcast yet? She talks about vulnerability and just "just showing up". Well, thats exactly what you did. You showed up and you made your dream happen. I am beyond excited! You are such an inspiration! Aimee Anne Phoography. I love it.

  2. Oh, and in my excitement, I forgot to say how lovely the photos are. I especially love the little redhead cracking up. Great capture!