Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 44, Project 365

Continuing with 'Watch 'Em Grow'...I took a little more time today but for some reason never bothered to check my settings, just used what I had yesterday.  Unfortunately, I had my ISO cranked up because I had less light yesterday.  So, again, learning experience.  Not to mention I was so completely focused on the focus so I forgot everything else.  That's one of my biggest frustrations: when I get tunnel vision and forget to look at all aspects/settings.  That's something that I really want to work on throughout this process.

By the way, I used a gray card today and loved the result!

Hopefully soon I'll have more blooms on my plant.  Hyacinths, Tulips...!

I want to say thank you to Julie and Robin for the encouraging words and comments this week regarding my photography; they were what I needed to hear and warmed my heart.

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