Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 49, Project 365

Gah!  Why do I get so uncomfortable pulling my camera out in public?  That is SO one thing I want to attempt to conquer on this journey -  getting more comfortable using my camera anywhere (anywhere appropriate, that is).  We were to church very early for Ash Wednesday mass tonight so I sneaked my camera out of my bag and clicked a couple shots, as stealthily as I could, but the lighting was poor and since I was trying to be inconspicuous I didn't really want to keep making adjustments.  I also tried to get a shot of the bakery case at the Pasticceria at Cossetta's, but again, my being timid didn't really allow for me to get a great shot.  On the way home we drove by Rice Park; the trees are all still lit up with their pretty hanging white lights so I snapped a couple here, too.  To be honest, I wasn't crazy about the light.  I had the ISO cranked way up but there was so much noise, however, when I converted it to black and white, I fell in love with the shot.  :)

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