Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 64, Project 365

I had to laugh at myself today.  Driving to work the moon was setting and it was massive with a beautiful orange glow.  I was hoping I could get to a spot to stop and take a photo but by the time I did it had dropped below the horizon.  I then stopped at Caribou Coffee and while I waiting in line I noticed the sign and the blue color of it against the sky so I snapped a picture.  Then, as I was driving to work the sun was rising and it was such a beautiful sight; truly like a fireball in the sky.  Since I was on the freeway, it wasn’t really feasible to snap a picture so in my mind’s eye is where today’s moon and sun reside.  As my husband and I drove to lunch I happened to notice four old boats, with the bows all pointed together on some kind of lift in a park and all I could think is with the right composition, that’d make a really cool picture.  I kind of mulled it over at lunch, what would be the best way to capture that.  In fact, I’m still thinking about it and am sooo tempted to head there on lunch tomorrow and try.  J  What’s got me laughing at myself is this seemingly constant analyzing of things I see every day and how I could photograph them.  I’m chalking this up to a lesson learned through Project 365: Since I started the project I’m much more aware of things to photograph to have my picture for the day and carrying my camera with me has proven to be far more beneficial than I would have ever expected.  I’m certain that was one of the goals/benefits of this project; to just be able to think and be aware of subjects and light and composition. 

Pic probably would've been a little better not shot through the car window...  ;)  

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