Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 85, Project 365

As the last of my uncle Denny's house was packed up and cleaned out and my uncle Greg was moving a stack of flattened boxes he heard something hit the floor.  He stopped to look and found a brass nameplate.  It's like a penny from heaven - truly.  I am convinced my mom, or uncle Denny or my grandma made sure this nameplate fell out and wasn't thrown away.  I can't place where it came from, what it belonged to/on but it feels familiar...but honest to God, as I typed this I think I just remembered:  I think it used to be on baby shoes of mine.  I think the openings on each end were for shoelaces and that there was a set on shoes of mine.  Yesterday I kept envisioning shoe laces with this nameplate but couldn't come up with anything else.  The whole thing gives me chills, it truly does. Out of all of the stuff that was gone through and moved and packed and down to literally the last moments in Denny's house and this essentially comes out of nowhere.  I've got some pretty special people up in heaven watching over me.  :)

Here's the nameplate:

And here are two very special people in my life, my uncle Greg and my great aunt Darlene:

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