Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 16, Project 365

And I'm here with half an hour to spare!  Tonight's photo is our cat, Nala.  While I had all three pets surrounding me as the oldest and I watched a mini-marathon of Friends, I noticed how the lamp light was reflecting onto each of them.  I especially liked how the light was resting on Nala.  Of course, by the time I realized that and begged my daughter to grab my camera Nala had twisted around the light wasn't hitting her as well any longer.  But, pulling this into Lightroom it still is kind of neat.  I like how she's looking at me with almost a 'why are you bothering me' thought to her and the light still kind highlighted her face.  With the low light I had to really bump my ISO and I still brightened it up in Lightroom a little.  This was shot at 1/100, f4.5 and ISO2000.  As always, constructive criticism appreciated.  #project365

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