Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 22, Project 365

Tonight's picture was completely unplanned and spontaneous.  How awesome is that when it just falls into your lap?  The youngest daughter flopped down on the couch with our dog, Fozzie, and they snuggled.  It was too cute to pass up so I quickly grabbed my camera and started snapping.  I first shot with ambient light (the lamp) and I liked that and how just a little bit of each of them was highlighted but since I had also had grabbed my flash I threw that on and tried it that way, too.  Either would be fine but I ended up liking the composition, or maybe it's the story it tells, of the one I took using the flash, much better.  Side note:  I love how their hair/fur always has.  :)  And now that I've finished typing I went with the 'my blog, my choice' train of thought and have added both pictures: with and without the flash.  You can be the judge!

1 comment:

  1. I love the one with the flash. Like you said "the story". So sweet. And it really doesn't look harsh like you used a flash.