Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 9, Project 365

Not only because I am not a winter person am I longing for warmer months but also because I know I will be inspired daily, easily.  New growth, buds on trees, flowers blooming, kids outside, dog outside, longer days...for now I am making do with looking around my house for interesting things or the 'right' light.  Tonight, it was almost a divine intervention: I was wandering around debating what today's picture would be when I looked up at our 'Amazing Grace' cross and noticed the way the lamp light was shining on it - Hallelujah!

Then when I brought it into Lightroom I decided to see how it looked in black and white; the result was kind of powerful, I think.  So, Day 9 is complete.  As always, I welcome feedback.  :)

I forgot to mention when I started this challenge and blog that around Christmastime I tried shooting in RAW for the first time ever (I've had a 'big' camera for five or six years) and my only question is: why didn't I try sooner?!


  1. You're shooting in RAW now?! I am in awe of you. If/when I splurge for a new camera, will you give me lessons?

    1. Yes, ma'am! I tried it out with my Christmas tree lights, shot the same pic in RAW and JPEG and when I brought them into Lightroom, the difference in how I could edit was SIGNIFICANT! Eats TONS of memory but at least memory cards are cheaper now. :)