Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 28, Project 365

Truthfully, this has been a hard week; my uncle passed suddenly.  I spent this evening putting together collage/picture boards for the memorial celebration that will be held.  I somehow became the picture-keeper for the family (for the most part) and it's a role that suits me well.  Because of that I have pictures from my my mom and her brothers' childhood.  I love, love, love going through all of these old pictures even if I don't know who is in the picture; there's some mystery involved with the who and what and where.  It also allows a glimpse into the past: toys, buggies, decorations, old houses.  I could get lost for hours staring at these pictures and I suppose because of that, scanning pictures and putting together the picture boards became a much longer process then it should have been.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed my trip down someone else's memory lane.  Today's picture is of the boards I put together, while working on the whole depth-of-field thing.

As long as I'm writing, I'll share a link to an article I came a cross that resonated strongly with me, Take a few minutes to read it if you're participating in a Project 365.  One line in particular "I can't make magic every day.  No one can." really struck me.  For so long I've had this passion for photography and could feel it drawing me in more and more every day.  But self-doubt and the fear of never being good enough have always held me back from taking whatever the next step might be. I'm getting a little braver but there's still that ugly voice in my head.  I suppose that's where this project comes in to help to quell my fears.  No one wants to fail but it's better to have failed than to have never tried, right?

While I'm add it, here's another article that I found interesting.  I do fear, in some instances, having my camera in public.  Not so much at places you'd expect to see cameras but certainly places where it isn't 'normal' to bust out your DLSR and most definitely anytime I get out the tripod.  I guess I don't like drawing unnecessary attention to myself.  But that's another part of this project that has helped me; I actually took my tripod out in public and at first was extremely timid but then just thought, who cares?  :)

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  1. I love this post because I so get it. I've had a lot of the same thoughts and fears as you've voiced. And I give you so much credit for being brave and just going for it. I put the camera away a few years ago but I think you are inspiring me to dig it back out! Keep on keepin' on girl. I love what you're doing.