Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3, Project 365

Hold on to your hat, folks (this is with the assumption there's actually more than one person reading this), things got a little wild today:  Not only did I reverse my route on my walk through the nature center BUT I veered off the beaten path.  Crazy, right?  All sorts of adventures and we're only three days into 2015. It was a gorgeous winter day and I wanted to take advantage of it as this was probably the last mild winter day we'll see in awhile.  I took my camera on this little adventure today and forced myself to look around, observe and enjoy. Truthfully, I was hoping to come across some wild life but only happened upon numerous dogs with their humans.  So nature shots it was; I snapped a few dozen shots and really worked on composure and lighting.  I chose this picture for Day 3 of Project 365 as the bench with barren snow in the middle of the woods has such a quiet, isolated feeling to it yet the Oak tree leaves still hanging on gave it a little warmth; it seemed appropriate for a mild winter day.  


  1. Thanks both of you! :) I took quite a few that day and kept going back to this one.