Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 18, Project 365

I brought the 'big camera' with me on our shopping trip today with the intent to find today's picture. On the way there we saw an eagle on the side of the road with some kind of prey.  By the time I realized what it was and attempted to turn around he grabbed the prey in his talons and flew away. Bummer - that would've been a cool shot!  And on the way home from the mall there we three military plans going in for landing at the airport but I was driving on the freeway so I missed that, too.  Both would've been neat to just have captured for the day.  After a few hours of shopping nothing had really jumped out at me picture-wise but then we walked by the amusement park and I thought I'd try and get some blurred motion pictures.  I learned that it takes some patience and timing but I think for the first time of purposely setting out to blur some motion it didn't turn out too badly. Something about this picture, compositionally (is that really not a word?), is bugging me but I like the overall effect of a couple rides in motion as well as people walking.  My back-up picture for today was, yet again, another of a pet and it was really sweet but it's nice to be able to post something a little different today.  As always, constructive criticism is welcome.  #project365

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