Sunday, January 4, 2015

Day 4, Project 365

I woke up this morning thinking about my day and where I might be able to take pictures or how I might be inspired (maybe it's becoming a habit already?).  

As I snuggled with our cat, Nala, this morning and snapped an adorable picture on my phone I thought, hey, that's it, I've got my pic for the day.  Then we ventured out in the sub-zero cold to watch my nephew's basketball game. While there I thought maybe I could snap a pic or two and that could be my post.  I didn't bring my 'big' camera and only had my phone.  Action pictures on a smartphone?  Not happening.  But, I told myself it was the attempt and it would suffice for today's post.  However, I just happened to walk by the front door and took a peak outside and saw the most beautiful dusk sky with our Christmas lights in the foreground and decided I had to try and capture (even in the sub-zero cold).  So, I ran and grabbed my camera, adjusted the settings, threw it on the tripod and voila!, today's post!  :)  #project365