Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day 8, Project 365

After reading Jennifer McCallum's Day 7 Post and the post by Click it Up a Notch on offering encouragement, support and offering critique I’m feeling a little braver than I was eight days ago when I started this challenge and decided I would welcome constructive criticism and feedback for my photos (as well as for this blog I’m certain I’m using at the barest of bones capabilities).  I know this is one way I will begin to improve, so once again, this leaves me feeling vulnerable (which I am not very good at) but new year, new things, right?  There are some days I feel downright uninspired. Some days are hectic after working all day and then whatever is going on at home.  Miserably cold weather certainly doesn't motivate me yet I refuse to give up on this project. 
Last night my oldest daughter sent me a text to look at the moon and how pretty it would be in a picture and after I almost shed a tear at her thinking to tell me what, I grabbed the camera and ran outside to attempt some photos.  Well…with the wind-chill being well below zero and the moon having rose higher in the sky by the time I got out there and our house/driveway being positioned so that I didn't have a fabulous view, the pictures were straight-up crap.  BUT I was still inspired in that I would one day love to get a fabulous picture of the moon and with that thought some great sunset pictures (and sunset because I don’t realistically see myself rising and moving quickly enough to take sunrise pictures!) which made me wonder where I could go in my neighborhood or even within a couple-mile radius and determined I know the perfect spot; another goal for me this year. 
I read an article the other day about often being in the passenger seat and what great opportunities that could create for some interesting pictures, so I’ve resolved to start carrying my ‘big’ camera with me more often.  So very often I wish I had it with me because let’s face it, while a phone camera is better than no camera, it’s just not the same.  Since I resolved to start carrying it with me more often, that now leads me to how best to carry it around: I’m now on the hunt for the ‘perfect’ purse/camera bag at a price that won’t break the bank.  J  Happy shopping!

Picture for today was from rush-hour traffic, stopped because of snow and ice-covered roads.  As I sat, I noticed the clouds and the line that they had formed and the sun reflecting back to them gave them a pretty color.  Not a great picture for many reasons, however, taken from my phone through the windshield of the car and given that I was noticing and observing the sky and lines it works for today's post.  

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